Taking notes

Welcome to the Spirit Lodown.

I’m not a scholar, nor great with words, or well read for that matter. Regardless of this sadly depressing confession, I’ve been pestered by many to publish some of my writings.
An so here they are. Enjoy…..or just laugh at my uneducated ramberlings.


My initial intention in developing this blog site was to document my journey and the subsequent discoveries that I’ve made along the way, however this idea was short lived as I soon realised the benefits of the contribution to the martial community, for surely I was not the only person on the north shore thinking this way. And in doing so provide an avenue or opportunity for others to express their views and opinions, as opposed to that of the one indervidual – Me.

From that point the focus of this forum is to feed and stoke the fire of those who walk the martial road. To cover issues as broad as technical interpretation to the arts and culture that we embrace, providing all with the insight and resources to contribute to the social change we all know needs to happen – the world is crying out for it, politically, socially, environmentally and physically.

Despite your opinion on the values and function of martial arts, today’s Martial practice is a highly effective method of developing the individual via the development of physical skill, enabling us to evolve from where we are, into the Renaissance men and women of tomorrow.

However for us to bring about change, we need insight, resources and action, and this blog aims to be one of such resources.
Let us speak our hearts and minds, yet be mindful and respectful of others and their views and opinions expressed here.

Wishing all the best as we walk down the road.


Jason Smith

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